Everybody dance!

Everybody dance!

Развлекательная передача

It is a weekly prime-time show where eleven ensembles from different cities are going to compete for the title of country's best dancing ensemble. All of them are professional dancing groups performing in different genres – from contemporary to break dance.

Each week together with a help of professional choreographers these ensembles will have to prepare a new dance to demonstrate to the whole nation their unique skills and potential.

At the beginning of the first episode we are going to have a special intro with short profile videos about each ensemble. These profiles will present mother cities of participants. After each profile viewers will see performances of the participants in their best genre. In the first episode no one will be eliminated from the show.

Starting from the second episode before each performance we will show their preparation videos. So the viewers will have an opportunity to see how much effort each ensemble has to put into preparing particular dance in an absolutely new for them genre.

The jury is represented by 3 well-known and professional dancers. The hosts: a professional dancer and a famous TV host.

ВайТ Медиа
В эфире
с 19 марта 2017 года
Кол-во выпусков
Юлия Сумачева
Ольга Шелест и Евгений Папунаишвили
Алла Сигалова, Егор Дружинин и Владимир Деревянко

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