Forgive Me

Forgive Me

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Lovers in tears, relationships torn apart, broken families… sometimes the hurt we create can last a lifetime. But on Forgive Me, viewers meet someone who is ready to say ‘I’m sorry’. The only question is: will the other party accept their apology?

Forgive Me aims to heal the rifts that develop when the communication between loved ones breaks down. First, the remorseful person explains the background to why their once-happy relationship has foundered. The pain of the separation can be hard to bear – but patching things up is even more difficult, because the first step involves saying the hardest word of all: “Sorry.”

Armed with only a bouquet of flowers, the host of Forgive Me visits the relative or friend and reveals that someone is asking for their forgiveness. If the person decides to accept the bouquet as a symbol of pardon, they join the host back at the studio, and come face to face with their loved one for an emotion-charged reunion.

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