Gold of Nation

Gold of Nation

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It is a unique show, which will introduce whiz kids to TV audience. These children will make our county famous all over the world. 40 young geniuses, who are experts in different school subjects, will compete with each other for the title «Gold of Nation».

We have performed an audition to select the most intelligent and clever kids in different school subjects. They will be grouped by age, gender and personal skills. Each of them is keen on a particular area of knowledge.

Each episode will consist of two challenges. And two teams will compete in each episode. In the first challenge each child will have to answer one question in his field. And if he answers it correctly, he will get an extra clue which will help his team to win. In the second challenge the children will have to answer the question as a team. Their task is to figure out the answer word.

All tasks for young contestants are made in a format of bright program items. Full of touching life-stories, or dangerous life situations, this competition will not leave a single person indifferent.

An obligatory element of the show is a waiting room, where parents of the participants are watching what is going on in the studio. This show will stir genuine emotions, feelings and tears of the participants and their parents. So, only the strongest team will win the main prize of the show «Gold of Nation».

The host of project – is a famous TV showman – Alexandr Pushnoy.

An Expert from the show Brain (Russia), professor of psychology – Vasiliy Klucharev, who is studying brain recourses and potential, will ask the participants different questions and will give comments, stressing the most exceptional skills.

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