The main character, Alexey Vyazintsev, is the eternal loser student and the "excess" person. But one of a sudden he inherits the apartment in a different city from his uncle. He goes there, but unexpectedly he is involved in a centre of a bloody war among so-called "libraries" for a literature heritage of the Soviet writer Gromov.

Gromov’s books create a huge havoc and a parallel reality. Due to a complicated “Librarian” law, Alexey has to replace his uncle and become a “Librarian”. The main character has to survive amongst “reading fans”, but also to understand the whole meaning behind the existence of the Gromov’s mysterious books.

Михаил Елизаров
Тимур Вайнштейн, Фёдор Бондарчук, Дмитрий Рудовский

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