Love with challenges

Love with challenges


In this adventurous and lyrical comedy social insights harmoniously combine with original romantic story.

Once an ordinary guy called Misha finds out about edict of the President of Russia, on which there has to be 2 percent of people with reduced capability in big companies. Suddenly, he had a great idea how to put into practice his old dream about grand life.

Without hesitation, Misha receives fictitious medicine documents, sits down in a wheelchair and goes for a job interview right in «Gaznash». Miracle of the miracles, they just need one employee to close quota.

Now his life was made! Prestigious job, high salary, great apartment, the whole world is open for him except for one thing – he always has to be in a wheelchair and should not get caught.

While getting in different awkward situations Misha understands that the only place where he can gain experience is a club for disabled people. He joins the club and immediately becomes everyone's favorite because there is no sadness in his eyes, he is always optimistic and cheerful (but not because of the reason everyone thinks he is). One girl among club members likes Misha most of all. Her name is Marina, she is a very nice and beautiful young lady and she has been confined to a wheelchair since her childhood.

And then things get messed up for Misha – his job, money, parties, club for disabled, restrictions, friends, conscience and, of course, love. How to get out of this situation? How to confess to everyone and especially to her that he is a crook? And how to understand what you really want and feel?

Non-professional disabled actors took part in shooting.

Дмитрий Тюрин
Павел Прилучный, Алексей Чадов, Анна Старшенбаум, Илья Глинников, Алексей Воробьев, Кирилл Плетнев, Сергей Кутергин, Тимур Боканча и другие
Денис Каймаков
«Арт Пикчерс Студия» и «ВайТ Медиа»
В эфире
9 марта 2017
Тимур Вайнштейн, Федор Бондарчук, Дмитрий Рудовский, Юлия Сумачева
Вадим Некрасов
104 минуты

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