My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad

My Dad Is Better Than Your Dad

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My Dad is Better» - is a new entertainment show for all family. The teams consisting of fathers and their children will take part in the project (aged from 9 till 12 years).

Fathers should perform various tasks, showing dexterity, sharpness and force, showing command spirit and well acquaintance of the child. And children will become mentors to the fathers! In each program there is a team - the winner which leaves in super final to be overcome for the first prize - 100 000 rubles.

The famous star father – the honored artist of Russia Mikhail Porechenkov became the anchorman.

The show "My Dad is Better!" is a format of the known international project "My dad is better than your dad" starting in the USA in 2008 and adapted in 10 countries including Sweden, Croatia, China, Finland, Brazil, etc. Premier release of show on NBC TV channel (USA) collected more than 10 million TV viewers at screens of TVs.

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В эфире
1 мая 2016
Количество сезонов
48 минут
Количество выпусков
01.05.2016 (СТС)
Тимур Вайнштейн, Юлия Сумачева, Эльмира Махмутова, Валентина Красных
Екатерина Колегаева, Евгений Кашаев
Ведущий шоу
Михаил Пореченков

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