Sex Fight. The Russian Way

Sex Fight. The Russian Way

Развлекательная передача

This is an entertainment show featuring five attractive ladies and a jury consisting of three male celebrities. The particularity of the show is that in order to win money, the ladies have to put aside their ambitions and female rivalry, as they can only win by cooperating. The participants are faced with a difficult choice between their ego and the cash prize. The ladies are helped by Alisa Seleznyova, a Russkoye Radio DJ.

The show has four rounds. In each round, the ladies compare themselves and rank each other’s assets. They are watched by the star judges who rank them as well. Every matching grade wins the contestants a certain amount of money which increases with each round (2000 rubles in the first round, 4000 in the second, 6000 in the third and 8000 in the fourth). In the end of the game, the accumulated amount is evenly divided among the ladies.

«ВайТ Медиа»
В эфире
март 2011

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