The Mistress of my fate

The Mistress of my fate



Format: WeiT Media

The story of two sisters Lika and Marina. Lika was like a mother to Marina, she sacriXiced her love and family happiness to her. One day Marina dies in a plane crash. Lika has to learn to live without her sister, she tries to take the place of dead sister to her orphaned family. But it turns out that her sister's death has been a fraud: Marina has ran away to Paris with her lover, but even from there she tries to be the mistress of the fate of her elder sister.

Михаил Мокеев
Анастасия Макеева, Елена Оболенская, Галина Петрова, Эммануил Виторган, Ирина Бразговка, Виталий Егоров
Ася Гусева, Елена Вержак, Елена Калинина-Ветрова, Марина Кошкина, Виктория Авдеенко (II), Николай Анашкин, Наталья Сидоровская, Елена Смертина
Россия 1
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