Your Face Sounds Familiar

Your Face Sounds Familiar

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Do you think it would be possible to see Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury performing on the same stage? Obviously not. Well, you’re wrong, cause YOUR FACE SOUNDS FAMILIAR makes it possible!

YOUR FACE SOUNDS FAMILIAR is a high-end celebrity music and impersonation competition with a great comedy twist. 10 celebrities take on a new identity every week as an iconic music performer. They have to clone every single detail of the original artists, from the way they dance to the pitch of their voices. And all of this singing live!

YOUR FACE SOUNDS FAMILIAR is a prime time show full of surprises, featuring first class performances, plenty of comedy moments and very special chemistry among the contestants.

"Your Face Sounds Familiar". 5 season 

The legendary impersonation show "Your Face Sounds Familiar" is back!

Yesterday they were just spectators, but today they share the stage with famous artists! For the first time the fans of people's choice season of "Your Face Sounds Familiar" will participate in the show! Four seasons in a row, they breathlessly watched the wonderful transformation of the stars into different legendary singers, and now every week they are impersonating music icons past and present and undergoing full transformations (both physical and mental). The stars - participants of last seasons will be their mentors!

Forty participants from all over Russia - from Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi to Chelyabinsk, Tyumen, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Omsk, Arkhangelsk and Magadan - will fight for the title of winner of the new people's choice season "Your Face Sounds Familiar" and the project cup.

All of them have charisma, talent of reincarnation, bright vocal and will sing live! Someone from the participants of the new season already has experience of playing the big stage, but for some it will be the first time. The youngest contestant is 19 years old, the oldest is 58 years old.

Every week, eight permanent star tutors of the project turn the drum and randomly get an image for reincarnation, choose one new participant and start the path to a wonderful transformation with him.

The task of the mentors together with vocal and acting teachers is to help the participant to get used to the image, to teach, to prompt, to share his own experience. There is only one week to prepare.

The task of the 8 participants of each release is to impersonate on the stage so that the jury will believe their eyes and ears and set the highest marks!

The most professional team of plastic makeup artists, stylists and costume designers in our country works on the visual transformation of the participants. They have a great experience under their belt! They are good at their job and have a responsibility for creating your face sounds familiar illusions!

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Первый канал, Россия 1
В эфире
2013 - 2019

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