The Wall

The Wall

Развлекательная передача

A show where good people can win good money!

The participants are the true heroes of our time, people with big hearts who deserve to play and to win.

In 2017 The Wall swept across the globe, already conquering 13 countries. It rates as number one game show on NBC (US), TF1 (France) and RTL (Germany) and is also a hit in Belgium, Romania, Spain and Argentina. The format was recently adapted in Australia, Canada, Hungary and Thailand, and now it has finally reached Russia!

The show participants are couples of close relatives, spouses and friends. Among them are those who rescued war vets out of a fire, stopped a truck from crashing into a school bus, lifted a girl from the subway tracks and caught a child falling from an escalator. They raise their adopted kids, volunteer in animal shelters and care for orphaned bear cubs. When the situation is dire and you have to think fast, they make their decisions in a split second. They don’t go around talking about their good acts or expect a reward for their courage and kindness. They just live among us. The Wall is their own lucky chance that can make their dreams come true and transform their lives.

The participants have to answer a series of questions on various topics from the host Andrey Malakhov. The amount they win by giving the correct answer is determined by the Wall, that has seven starting points for the balls. Below are the slots with various amounts the participants can either win or lose. The trajectory of the balls is completely random and no one can change it. Correct answers turn the balls green and add money to the participants’ balance. Every correct answer can bring them from 100 roubles to five million.

The stakes get higher with each round, the participants grow more excited, and the Wall is more and more unpredictable. In Round Two the participants split up. One will leave for the Quiet Room where they will answer the questions in complete isolation and will not know whether their answers were correct until the end of the game. The second one will stay with the host in front of the Wall and will be the one to make bets and risk their money. This participant will not hear the questions, but will see the possible answers and will have to decide whether their partner can answer the question. A lot depends on the knowledge of the person in the Quiet Room, as well as the luck of the one making the bets.

Should you play safe or take a risk? Strategy is just as important as luck. After giving the answer to the final question, the participant in the Quiet Room will be offered a contract that guarantees a money prize. They can take the money or tear up the contract and risk it all, betting on his partner’s intuition and luck.

All is revealed in the show’s finale, where the participants meet again to find out the results. This is the moment of truth and the program’s highest point! One participant reveals whether they signed the contract and the other tells them the amount of the prize. The prize pool can reach 60 million roubles - The Wall is the first show on Russian television where you can finally win some serious money! But it shares its treasures only with those who can share all they have with others.

ВайТ Медиа
Россия 1
В эфире
22 октября 2017
Юлия Сумачёва
Креативный продюсер
Полина Кривенцева
Андрей Малахов
Кол-во выпусков
Основано на оригинальном формате The Wall, принадлежащем Glassman Media, SpringHill Entertainment и Universal Television Alternative Studio. Оригинальная идея: LeBron James, Maverick Carter и Andrew Glassman. В сотрудничестве с Endemol Shine Group.

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