A bit out of mind

TV Series
Two women in love with the same man are eager to clear things up between them; however, they get into an accident and change bodies with each other. Now they will have to step into one another’s shoes.


TV Series
The story of love and loneliness in the format of a detective story.

Ailing Angel

The former orphan Tolya Kovrigin by nickname Chukhna is 18 years old. He and his friends Kostya Sinyavy and Volodya Shkilet share the same room at Vasilyevsky Island in the most beautiful city of the Earth - Leningrad.

All together now

Nation’s favourite show, where everybody sing together. Russian version of the famous world BBC format.

Anatomy of love

It seems rather a plot of the stories of Edgar Poe than contemporary reality. In fact, in two Russian prisons making an experiment "for the emergence of maternal love". In the Russian jails children under three years live with their convicted mothers. But they have only two hours a day for being together. During short visits mothers don't have enough time to give their heart to their kids. So in one prison one baby gets a chance to live with his mother all days and nights. Will it be able to wake up the mother’s love?

The Apple Orchard

TV Movie
Lead characters, youngsters Masha and Dima, make acquaintance in Dima’s private garden, where he finds Masha stealing apples. An instant mutual sympathy follows, and they become friends. But one day Dima brings a bride to the village, and Masha discovers that her feelings for Dima are much more than friendship…


TV Series
The action of the series takes place from 1938 to 1948 years, and covers key events of the era.

"The Cinder" is very interesting from the point of view of the genre - on one side is a massive historical detective saga, the other - in the series has a strong melodramatic component.


Vadik dreams to change his boring life, but the fear of failure and diffidence hinders the guy to move to the purpose. Everything changes when Vadik incidentally gets into the empty bar and drinks cocktail according to the recipe of the mysterious Barman.

In production